“Let’s Slam Dunk the Junk”

School Assemblies and Performances for Community and County Events

Dave Street’s Clean Communities school assemblies and performances for local and county family events now incorporate the theme of “Slam Dunk the Junk", including the original song that he wrote for it.

In his presentations, Dave shows how by Slam-Dunking the junk we can prevent litter, increase recycling & reusing, learn about the human impact on stormwater and help save animals.

Some of the specific topics that can be covered include:

Litter prevention
Stormwater education
Saving animals
Conserving energy
Reducing emissions
Creating a clean and healthy environment

Dave’s school assembly incorporates science, stories, songs, visuals, interactive theater and audience participation. This is one of the most informative programs your students will ever see. It includes college level science reduced to concepts kids will understand in an entertaining way!


New Material Includes:

Trivia Questions on the impact of Solid Waste throughout history

The Early History of Recycling, up to and including the Revolutionary War

Water, Watersheds and the significance of Estuaries and Wetlands

“The High Bridge Environmental Commission would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for the excellent environmental school assembly you presented to the High Bridge Elementary School. Your constant use of audience participation made the assembly interactive for the students and held the interest of both the students and staff throughout. Every student came away from the assembly a little more environmentally aware.”

Ms. Lynn Hughes
Clean Communities Coordinator
High Bridge Environmental Commission Chair
Teacher, High Bridge Elementary School

“I just wanted to tell you how pleased we all were with your performance yesterday for the grade school here in Stanhope. Teaching kids what harm comes from littering and educating them on recycling is not easy, but you made it entertaining as well as educational. Your held your audience for almost an hour and kept their attention. Thank you again for your tremendous efforts.”

Ms. Dana Mooney
Clean Communities Coordinator
Excerpt from Letter

QUESTION: Who was the first member of a celebrity family to be fined for littering in public?

ANSWER: You have to see Dave’s show to find out.

“Dear Dave, I am writing to thank you for the outstanding assembly program that you presented to our students last week.  The presentation was both interactive and informative.  Our students were highly engaged and remained attentive and interested throughout the entire program.  Presenting littering and recycling as a highly valuable personal and corporate practice and relating this practice to the preservation of wildlife and their habitats, really made an impact on the students.  I watched as both their minds and their perspectives were enhanced through the slide show, the human food chain and recycling object lessons were presented. Thank you again for your creative commitment to education and our environment.  We have grown wiser as a result of your efforts.” 


Peggy Gens

Former Principal

Langtree School

Dave Street has been presenting programs at schools and events for over fifteen years. He is a former teacher, comedian and actor with his masters’ degree in education from Rutgers University and has been honored by the New Jersey State Senate for his work. He has also performed on Broadway and national TV and he has been the emcee of EcoFest, New York City’s environmental festival, for the past few years.

Dave’s programs are written in accordance to the New Jersey Educational Standards for science education. Dave is a member of the New Jersey Alliance of Environmental Educators. (ANJEE). Contact Dave directly at godave908@yahoo.com for further information or to book a school assembly or a performance for your local or county event.