In 2009, the New Jersey Clean Communities Council asked presenters to incorporate the “Slam Dunk the Junk” theme into their presentations. 

Dave Street met this challenge by writing the book, “Let’s Slam Dunk the Junk” with artist David A. Cutting, penning an original song with the same title- and by expanding his Dave Street school assemblies and performances to include the “Slam Dunk the Junk” theme.

Since then, Dave has given presentations of his program to over 100,000 students and teachers. He has performed the “Slam Dunk the Junk” song on Broadway, at several environmental festivals and on WFAN radio in New York City. He was a featured stage performer at the state Clean Communities conference for kids. Over 10,000 copies of the book have been enjoyed & utilized by students, schools, teachers, recycling and litter prevention coordinators and environmental educators. Dave is now also expanding his new work to cover all sports.

The Book...

“Let’s Slam Dunk the Junk” the book promotes the message of the New Jersey Clean Communities program of litter prevention and recycling. It is written by Dave Street, who has done programs in conjunction with the New Jersey Clean Communities program for over fifteen years and beautifully illustrated by professional artist David A. Cutting, who has previously worked for the Nickelodeon Cartoon Network, and on major children’s books. (

The book is only two dollars and includes: A beautifully illustrated version of the song “Let’s Slam Dunk the Junk” Education Pages on Litter Prevention, Recycling, Reusing and the impact of Stormwater on litter. Activity pages, including a crossword puzzle reinforcing the message. This is Dave Street’s second book. Dave’s first book, “How the Land of Litter Became the Kingdom of Clean”, is about dragons that recycle and knights that litter until they work together as a team to keep the kingdom of clean.


Slam Dunk the Junk Goes Broadway- Here, Dave, wearing his green “Slam Dunk the Junk” t-shirt, poses with some of the Broadway performers and people involved with “A Taste of Broadway”, a special show in Manhattan for 1,500 New York City school that features cast members of Broadway shows. In this picture are: (Back Row) Angel Reda(from the Broadway Show Chicago), casting agent Stephen DeAngelis, Dave Street, r&b legend Al Smith and show producer Nancy Callahan. (Front Row) Taylor Richardson(from the Broadway Show Annie) and Laurie Veldheer(from the Broadway Show Mama Mia). Previous shows have included cast members from Spiderman, The Lion King, Rock of Ages, Wicked and more. Dave emceed and performed the “Slam Dunk the Junk” song to the delight of the audience.